Feminism(s) in the Media

Ghent University, in partnership with UAntwerp, Gothenburg University, Leuven University and the VUB, is delighted to host the Feminism(s) in the Media: Public Outreach and Cultural Transformations conference, which will be held at the St Bavo’s House on the 14th and 15th of September 2023.

The conference focuses on the national, international, and transnational modes of public outreach which women’s rights activists – journalists, editors, film directors, photographers, social media influencers, writers – have resorted to from the mid-nineteenth century to the twenty-first century. The conference is designed to engage participants in a discussion about the cultural and ideological transformations of the concept of feminism in the media, over time and across geographical and language boundaries. In these exchanges, we will probe the meanings of such concepts as transnational and trans-imperial feminisms and communicate about different understandings and adaptations of feminism(s) in literary and political contexts. We will also seek to find patterns, or kinships, in feminisms across time, culture and geographical boundaries in order to coordinate our thoughts and present an informed picture of how the media has and can affect women’s rights.

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Feminism(s) in the Media is funded by the FWO (Research Foundation – Flanders), Commission Scientific Research (CWO), and Ghent University’s Faculty of Arts and Philosophy.